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What's Acacia Leaf?

フリーのカメラマン、写真家として活動中の神崎燐夜(かんざきりんや/Lin-ya Kanzaki)による個人事業名です。



そのモチーフに使われていたのが「ミモザアカシア(mimosa acacia)」だったのでした。


Acacia Leafに込めた意味は、





Acacia Leaf 代表・神崎燐夜プロフィール
















2013年3月1日に『Acacia Leaf』の屋号を取得、フリーランスとして業務請負を開始。






2011年6月に初の個展『Beyond The Many Skies』を開催。

それから6年後の2017年4月『On The Way of Kyoto』より、年1回ペースで個展を開催中。



-English Version-


What's Acacia Leaf?

"Acacia Leaf" is the trade name (company name) of Lin-ya Kanzaki, who is freelance photographer / cameraman.

Source of this name is my most favorite song "Acacia" by Naoyuki Sato (as known as Nekomata Master) & Junko Tsuchiya.

This song is a chance to my challenge, that is starting Acacia Leaf.


"Acacia Leaf" means...

1. I want to react many things like mimosa acacias' small and spread leaves.

2. I want to make many smiles like mimosa acacias' shiny, brightly colored and cute flowers.




Lin-ya Kanzaki (President of Acacia Leaf)'s Profile


Blood Type: O

Dominant Arm: Right

Dominant Eye: Left

Birthplace: Funabashi city, Chiba, Japan


Cameraman, Photographer and Lecturer of Seminar.

My strong points are direct sensitivity, positive and necessary attitude of photography locations and catching of smiling moment.

My motto is "Supporting of Everyone's Smiles."


I started to my career since June 2007.

At first, I took photos of my favorite artists as audience (customer).

October 2010, I realized my wish, that is becoming the photographer of music events.


After that, between latter half of 2011 and February 2013, I joined many music events and bands, as the photographer.

And I experienced staff of photo studio for children between September 2012 to February 2013.

Finally I put up Acacia Leaf March 1st, 2013.

My based places were Kouenji, Tokyo, Japan and Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan until the end of 2019, but now, my based places are all of Kanto Region.


And also I teach techniques and psychology of photography.


My first solo exhibition was held June 2011. The title was "Beyond The Many Skies".

And 6 years later, my second exhibition was held April 2017. The title was "On The Way of Kyoto".

After that, I hold solo exhibition every year.


My hobbies: listening to music (all genres), going to cafes, watching pro-wrestling(especially New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Big Japan Pro-Wrestling and Pro-Wrestling BASARA), walking, eating delicious foods